PH regulator pump

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One of our star products we sell, ProSystemAqua pH regulator pump.

The pH pump has been specially designed for the continuous control and measurements of the pH in water tanks. Its small and precise pumping volume of 40 ml/hour converts it into the most simple and also advanced in the market on its applications. 

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R4.537,96 tax incl.

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This pH regulator pump called ProSystemAqua will give you the chance to automate all its measurement and pH control. The pump will measure the pH in the water tank and dose it automatically to keep its proper values. It is really useful for all the applications where we need a steadiness and an accurate control of it.

Besides its incredible technical characteristics, minimalist design and simplicity, it has the most competitive price in the market.


There are many different applications for the pH pump:

Field trials Seedbeds Vertical gardens Home and urban orchards Garden stores Aquarious Grow Shop. Agriculture Pools
Definitely, in any kind of installation where the pH control is required.
The pH regulator pump comes with a complete kit installation, and it is very easy to use. It comes with:
  1. pH electrode
  2. Suction and discharge fittings
  3. Suction and discharge pipes
  4. PH7 Standard solution
  5. Clamping brackets
  6. Fixing screws
  7. Operating instructions
  1. Ignition of the pump

    Once the pump is installed and connected to the power supply., we proceed to its programming indicating the pH value we wish in the water tank. After this, we programme the actions we want it to do on pH Down (acid) or pH Up (alcaline) and we verify that the probe is calibrated. In case it isn’t, we proceed to its grading.
  2. pH measurement

    The pH measurement is continuous. The probe detects autmatically the pH level in the water. Its information appears at the display of the pump.
  3. pH up and pH down suction

    The pump aspires through the tube and the filter the product from de pH up and pH down container.
  4. Injection of the product

    The pH regulator pump doses the pH solution through a tube and introduces it inside the injection valve from the water trap until it gets the pH value programmed.
  5. Adjusted pH

    The pH regulator pump from ProSystemAqua will get the adjusted pH values in the programming accurately. You need to keep connected to a re-circulation pump in the water tank to mix the pH product.