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Developments in the professional market and the increased legalisation of the medical CBD-market ask for a new and improved, industrial CE certified climate controller: the ICC 1.1.

This ICC 1.1 is a professional controller, built from top end industrial components, with a simple and clear operating system and an easy set up according to the plug & play principle. The higher/lower buttons on the switches give access to several options: CO2, humidity, temperature and light strength. Connecting equipment is a matter of plugging in and the system is ready to use (plug & play), with safe schukos to connect a CO2-heater, a humidifier or dehumidifier or a pressure regulator.

With a standard UTP-cable the ballasts can be easily linked so they can operate as one group. The XLR-connector is especially designed for the recommended SenseAir CO2/RH/TEMP-sensor with data log function. The PLC allows remote controlling of the growing area – even by mobile phone – when connected by way of a UTP-cable to a router.

tSENSE is an advanced and versatile 3-in-1 transmitter designed for installation in the air-conditioned zone. It measures CO2-concentration, temperature and humidity in the ambient air accurately without the requirement for additional compensation – true read. Simple warnings are given with orange and red read-outs when values are close to or over limit settings.

It is possible – with an optional cable – to use the “User interface program”, to log meter measurements and to control meter functions. It is also possible to save and restore complete meter configurations to/from files.



•    Simple analogue Grasslin clock to set the day/night cycle
•    Only high end industrial components
•    Stable climate control
•    Maintenance free
•    Plug & play
•    Simple to operate
•    Clear display
•    Temperature control in 5 steps
•    Controls all aspects of climate (light, temperature, humidity, CO2)
•    Possible to combine different types of OCL-ballasts
•    No switch board required
•    Can be remotely controlled
•    Has phase short circuit protection
•    With defect climate/airco system, controller will go in secure mode
•    Shutdown temperature mode


•    Siemens logo PLC
•    Siemens extensions module
•    Siemens powering
•    Hager B16 main switch
•    Grasslin analogue clock
•    Schneider 20A switches
•    Senseair CO2, RH, TEMP-sensor with data log function
•    IDE-control panel
•    UTP-connector for OCL-ballasts plug & play
•    XLR-connector for SenseAir sensor with 5 metre cable